Author: A.A. Nismet

  • MESAT1 in Line for Next Firefly Alpha Launch

    Firefly Aerospace today announced “100% mission success” for its second launch of the Alpha rocket, planned launch vehicle for MESAT1. Maine’s first CubeSat is manifested for Alpha’s third launch, NASA’s ELaNa mission 43. No launch window has been announced, but a Firefly executive earlier this year suggested launch #3 would be 8 weeks after launch…

  • EPSCoR Research Funding Window Closed

    Letters of intent for the NASA EPSCoR research funding opportunity were due to the Maine Space Grant Consortium yesterday, one month in advance of the NASA deadline.

  • Second EPSCoR Funding Opportunity Announced

    NASA and MSGC have announced funding for research infrastructure development through seed grants for projects that build Maine’s capacity, so long as those projects align with NASA’s research areas of interest and are important to the Maine Space Complex. Grants may be awarded for research, workshops, and travel, but are restricted to faculty and researchers…

  • Maine to Lead Nanobubble Research

    Could very fine gas bubbles suspended in certain liquids improve the efficiency of life support functions in space? Researchers at UMaine, USM, and Arizona State University will investigate this question with a $753,750 NASA grant to the Maine Space Grant Consortium and $350,000 in matching funds from the three institutions. Researchers will create nanobubbles then…

  • Maine’s Second CubeSat Will Carry Nanobubbles

    UMaine’s WiSe-Net Lab will construct its second CubeSat, PINESAT2, to support research into nanobubbles being done by UMaine, USM, and Arizona State University. The leader of the MESAT1 build, doctoral candidate Joseph Patton, will direct satellite development in UMaine’s department of electrical and computer engineering. bluShift Aerospace Inc., will assist with the launch.

  • MESAT1 scheduled to launch in first half of 2022

    At the CubeSat Launch Initiative NASA Town Hall, Scott Higginbotham showed ELaNa 43, MESAT1’s ride to space, scheduled for launch late in the second quarter of 2022. Maine’s first was among 11 CubeSats manifested for the flight. The primary payload on the launch is VCLS Demo-2FB.

  • MESAT1 Still Stalled

    Firefly’s second Alpha rocket is on pad 2W at the Space Launch Center, Vandenberg Space Force Base, projected to launch in the next several weeks. The third Alpha rocket, a ride to space for MESAT1, would likely be at least two months after #2.

  • Challenger Center Campers Talk with Astronaut Aboard Space Station

    Youngsters at the Challenger Learning Center of Maine in Bangor posed a series of questions to pilot Bob Hines as the astronaut cruised over Earth in the International Space Station. The event was recorded. Watch the Video

  • $1.2 Million Boost for SpacePort Planning

    The U.S. Economic Development Administration today announced $1.2 million in funding to assist the Maine Space Grant Consortium in finalizing a strategic plan that will address workforce development, business development, and external engagement needs for the Maine SpacePort Complex. The grant must be matched with $407,407 in state and local funds.

  • Over the Precipice

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