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  • Setting the Tone for Maine in Space

    Setting the Tone for Maine in Space

    At the inaugural Maine Space Conference, we learn about the various “Maine Space” entities.

  • Tastes Like Rocket Fuel?

    bluShift Aerospace CEO Sascha Deri took a bite from a chunk of the company’s solid rocket fuel on camera for CNN. We’ve got the link.

  • MESAT1 in Line for Next Firefly Alpha Launch

    Firefly Aerospace today announced “100% mission success” for its second launch of the Alpha rocket, planned launch vehicle for MESAT1. Maine’s first CubeSat is manifested for Alpha’s third launch, NASA’s ELaNa mission 43. No launch window has been announced, but a Firefly executive earlier this year suggested launch #3 would be 8 weeks after launch…

  • Happy 60th Telstar!

    Happy 60th Telstar!

    Eyes and ears were on Oxford County 60 years ago today when an orbiting Bell Labs satellite called Telstar and an Earth station built by AT&T launched international live television. Were you in Andover that Wednesday evening in 1962? Did you ever go see the Big Bubble? MaineSat would like to hear your story.

  • Steuben and bluShift Agree on Launch Center

    Steuben and bluShift Agree on Launch Center

    Steuben, a small fishing town in western Washington County, and bluShift Aerospace, based in Brunswick, envision a rocket launch center being built in the town as base of operations for bluShift’s offshore launches. In a presentation to the town on April 6, 2022, the company projected the center would create 120 to 200 jobs in…

  • Maine’s Space Moves Attract Globe’s Eyes

    The Boston Globe‘s Brian MacQuarrie chats with the locals for “Maine seeks a place in space.”